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Custom order beautiful portrait illustrations made just for you from your favorite photo! A unique art piece to keepsake or give as a gift. Perfect for decorating and personalizing any office or home, and a great way to memorialize a family snapshot; a beloved person or pet; or a significant event like a graduation, birth, wedding, anniversary, and any other milestones.

Here’s how it would work:

  1. Contact me (Email or contact me using the form below. We’ll then schedule a time to talk and go over the details: color, background, concept, everything else.)
  2. Review & Approve (After you place an order, I will provide you with a proof in 3-5 business days. You can request as many changes as you need to approve it! I want you to be super duper happy with the results.)
  3. Receive & Enjoy (In 1-3 business days I will email you a low rez file. Upon final approval, you will receive an instant digital downloadable file of your custom artwork.)

Format: I use a digital vector art medium. The final artwork will be a high resolution digital file that you can download. (If you prefer a traditional non-digital medium, i.e acrylic or collage, that can be arranged as well. Just let me know.)

Size: Dimensions will be to your specifications. I will be happy to provide you with 3 different sizes for the same price.

Pricing: $175 per subject per portrait, with a solid color background. Additional subjects in the same portrait: an $100-125 per complexity. If you want a family snapshot, I am open to discussing a flat rate instead of a per-subject-rate to make it less cost prohibitive.

Payment: 50% deposit required when placing an order; remainder due upon final approval of the artwork.

Method of Payment: At this point I am only set up to accept payment via PayPal. If we know each other in real life, I can also accept personal checks. 

Note: Printing, framing and shipping of the artwork not included but can be arranged, and will be priced separately.

Portfolio: A few samples illustration are imbedded below. Please also feel free to check out work samples and my portfolio website.


bride groom garter kiss beach illustration digital art

glamorous woman illustration beautiful digital portrait

pugs illustration digital art vector portrait

mustache cafe men illustration vector art digital portrait

bulldog illustration art vector digital

girl puppy portrait illustration digital Westie

woman Warhol portrait illustration art

twins illustration vector art digital




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