I Run To Iran! :-)

Illustration collage sports car toy girl cute by Fig & Quince (Persian food blog)
At one point, I actually dreamed about driving from Europe to Iran! I’m taking the plane though!

“Where are you going? To Ghandahar?” — delivered in an incredulous tone armed with a figuratively raised eyebrow — is how an Iranian person might address someone who makes a fuss or takes a lot of things with them when going somewhere or on a trip.  I guess back when this phrase of speech started, Ghandahar was the furthest reaches of the earth one’s mind could comprehend. I’m not taking a lot of things with me, and I’m trying not to make a fuss, and I’m certainly not going to Ghandahar, but I am going to Iran. Finally. After 35 years! Well, you if you’re reading Fig & Quince, you already knew that. All told, I will be gone for two months, give or take … approximately … more or less. That sounds like a long time and maybe it will be too long and it’ll drag and maybe it’ll be entirely too brief. Time will tell!

I don’t know how actively I’ll have Internet access or, more accurately, how often I’ll have the time or opportunity or desire to get online. I mean, odds are, I’ll be stuffing my face with something delicious instead. But, whenever possible, I’d love to share some Norooz festivities and fun highlights of my travel with you.

I’ll keep in touch mostly via Facebook. I’m leaving in 24 hours (yikes!) so do “friend” me beforehand. You do want to be friends, don’t you? You might also find me on Twitter and Instagram. If we’re not following each other yet, let’s fix that. Find me so I can follow you back.

This trip was for the longest time a dream of mine and now it’s a reality. I’m excited to realize this dear ambition and I wish whatever yours is, it will come true as well. In its time. Under grace.

Happy Spring Lovely People! And Till soon!



Apple illustration icon graphic by Fig & Quince (Iranian food culture blog)

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