Chess Made

My little nephew has become smitten by playing chess. He wanted to play and there were no chess sets at hand. So my brother whipped up this chess set before you could say check mate. Pretty cool, no? Very charming in presence. Only flaw: even a sigh and the king and queen and all the horsemen and soldiers would be aflutter … all over the place.

ps I’m writing this post by email to test out the feature. Hope it comes out OK. If not, excuse the wonkiness.

14 thoughts on “Chess Made

    • Sandra, you mean you generally use the “mail” feature to post? Is that how you were posting when you were on your epic trip? I’ll need to rely on this feature soon and am anxious to figure out how it works and work out the kinks

  1. Very clever idea bravo!
    I do not see why the most important piece of chess is the king while the most efficient is the queen! (a woman invented the game?)
    Does that Reflect that behind every successful man there is a woman?
    (In fact the position of the pieces on the chessboard can never be like the one you are showing )! your nephew is cheating!

    • Hello Christian! ๐Ÿ˜€

      But see, the King is made to feel to be the most important when it is the Queen who’s most powerful. Or … errr … something to that effect. Did a woman really invent the game? I have to look it up.

      The position of pieces is my fault. lots of pieces fluttered here and there when I moved it to take a picture.

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