The Discreet Charm of Drink + Draw + Collage in Brooklyn

The other night I had the distinct pleasure (along with just the slightest case of butterflies) of leading the first Drink & Draw (and Collage!) event at Whole Foods Brooklyn with Arts Gowanus.

Drink Draw Collage Whole Foods Brooklyn Arts Gowanus Fig Quince Persian Food Blog Azita Houshiar

Fig & Quince at the Drink & Draw & Collage event at Whole Foods with Arts Gowanus

Whole Foods did a beautiful job of hosting the event. Providing baskets with pencils and paper; the friendliest staff; a brick when needed (heh!); and chocolate!

I gave a brief talk about collage (had to mention the 12th century Japanese calligraphy artists and Mary Delaney of course!) and then everyone got into their own creative groove and either drew and/or made collages. People seemed to be into it and had fun.

Here are some pix … click on one to start the slideshow:

Doesn’t it look like wholesome good fun?

Then afterwards, along with a few friends, we went to two art galleries nearby. Who knew about the cool art scene in Gowanus, Brooklyn? Very intriguing.

Gowanus Brooklyn Art Gallery Modern Sculpture

Enlightened man at Show Room Gowanus

Proteus Art Gallery Gowanus Brooklyn

Jeannine & Nancy holding the tiniest book with a riveting story at Proteus Gowanus

And after that, Mr. Ricardo walked me home. And gave me his blessings. The rain downpour had stopped by then too.

The End!





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