Collage | A pretty sticky subject!

Collage azita houshiar mixed media

Some People | mixed media collage

Collage azita houshiar mixed media

Pink Vertebrae | mixed media collage

Collage azita houshiar mixed media

Stained by Memory – mixed media collage

Collage azita houshiar mixed media

shir va khorshid| mixed media collage

i love collage as an art vehicle because it is a forgiving, versatile and incredibly expressive medium. it is an art form that is not technically driven so much as it is emotionally and visually vested and I like that. these are some of mine that I count among my favorites.

do you make collages? if not: you really should. Scissor, glue, a mounting surface and some cutouts or found objects and a desire to make something or express a mood or feeling are all you need.




9 thoughts on “Collage | A pretty sticky subject!

    • I know that if you put your hand to it, you’ll not only enjoy it but also make beautiful creations. A collage can be like a confessional of the soul: purifying and gratifying! Here’s a thought: If you and Stepfano (and dare one dream, Her Majesty even!) can make it to Gowanus Brooklyn this Saturday I’m going to host a “drink and draw” with a collage angle at Whole Foods. Could you possibly make it?? I’d LOVE to meet you in person.

      • Oh Azita! So sorry but Saturday is Stefano’s best friend 40th birthday and he is going to kill us if we don’t show up! However … can I have your email address?

      • I don’t want you killed and I already suspected it was a long shot and that was before reading and finding out about Sofia!! Francesca jan, You can email me at fig @ figandquince dot com xo

  1. I’m a big fan, but I have stopped doing them. My daughters are trying them nowadays! They usually allow luck to bring the results! Yours on the other hand, are very thoughtful though and I like them!

    • Oh but I agree completely with your daughters and am so glad you brought up the “luck” factor into it which plays a huge part in making a collage. I do the same actually, letting serendipity play a role. Quite often, accidental placements work MUCH better than conscious arrangement of the pieces. You should consider trying your hand at it again!

      • I love collages too, but also stopped doing them. Time for this fun activity just got out of my hands.

        I like that yours feel very free and spontaneous. Looking back, I used to think mine too much and some how I suffered from “horror-vacui”. Therefore they just never got “done”. That being said, I’m inspired to go back on doing collages! Just need make the time for it!

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