Please Eggscuse Me!


I colored nearly two dozen eggs with homemade dyes these past few weeks and took —  oh, as my little nephew might calculate –“a million trillion” pictures in the process.  I’m kind of smitten.  With the eggs, I mean.

Thus, I must warn you that many egg-centric — not to be confused with eccentric, although a dash of eccentricity is intrinsic and inevitable around here — posts and pix and animated GIFs shall be coming this way.

I’m afraid that a whole bunch of egg-puns will be par for course as well, unless I can heroically control myself.  (Be forewarned:  it is very probably a lost cause.)

So until we meet again,  I wish you well, and bid you oeuf iderzen.  (See?  I must be stopped!  Just eggzecute me already.)


ps.  I beg for a stay of execution so that I can post the directions for how to dye eggs with vegetables and other natural household ingredients to Fig & Quince.  Edited to add:  it’s done!

11 thoughts on “Please Eggscuse Me!

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