Itzhak Perlman Said:


The other night I heard the story of how one time Itzhak Perlman broke a violin string (snap!) right in the middle of a performance. Disaster!  Audience and orchestra held their breath.  But Perlman, instead of halting the concert, changed keys, signaled the conductor to pick up the piece where they had left off, and finished playing, beautifully, with the remaining 3 strings, to a standing ovation.  He then addressed the audience and said:

ItzhakPerlman A motto to embroider and ponder in the midst of malaise, stupor, or mayham.  For life.

Source of the story:  The 10 minute mark of the “Begin Again” podcast episode of the almost-always-stellar TTBOOK (one of my all-time favorite radio programs.)

12 thoughts on “Itzhak Perlman Said:

  1. What a coincidence! A few days ago a dear friend of mine was telling me about Perlman. She went to Seattle to watch a concert, not 3 weeks ago! She was thrilled. A great musician and a great man!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve only been to one of his concerts and it was thrilling. It’s lovely when people who you admire for their work and art turn out to be even more if not as glorious as their work. Often, it does not work that way.

      • My mom was one of the accompanists for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. All of us kids started piano at age 2 and then had to choose a second instrument at age 6. That’s when I chose the violin but didn’t really appreciate the instrument until I was 9.

  2. Moms know best! How cool that your mother played for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I think you choose well, even if it took you till the ripe old age of 9 to recognize it as such! (Thank you for sharing this story by the way.)

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