Fig it!

I’ve been keeping a Persian food blog (Fig & Quince) for 6 months now.  (Have you visited?  No?  You should! I’ll make you cookies.  We’ll chat and have coffee.  Drop by!)

The food blog has been a true labor of love. Emphasize on labor. Emphasize also on love.  Anyway, I always end up with way more images than I know what to do with.  It seems a shame to sentence those images to Syberia (those rarely visited archive folders – you know the ones – we all have them) so I’ve decided that going forward I’ll make an animated GIF for pretty much every Fig & Quince post.  At least that’s the intention.  I pledged to my motivated-higher-self to religiously do this and we even pinky-sweared but the real question is if my lazy-ass-self plays along or if she acts like that thing that rhymes with a witch and throws a wrench in the works and thwarts these great expectations.  We shall see!

As for this inaugural cross-blog-platform GIF, the images are harvested from making moraba yeh anjir, that is:  fig jam.  (Super-duper-easy & gobble-it-up-yummy recipe here.)

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