Shock and Awe

The Costume Institute’s Schiaparelli and Prada spring 2012 exhibition at The Met

Sourcest: a fun article about Miuccia Prada; an interesting blog post about Elsa Schiaparelli; and a nice set of Elsa Schiaparelli photos on Flickr and the Miuccia Prada quote is from a NY Magazine May 28, 2012 article.

One thought on “Shock and Awe

  1. I know this is about fashion, but the truth in it is very strong. Read carefully:”…your ideas about yourself” . Not who you really are. So don’t take cloths as a clear message of anybody’s identity. It is more likely what they would like to be, rather that what they really are. If it was otherwise, then we wouldn’t have any kind of problems with the suited up politicians, unless this is just a uniform for cheaters, or at least a very nice way for cover up! Oh, surely they think of themselves as the saviours of the planet!!!

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