For Mama Earth!

These lentil sprouts are among some of the many (MANY) batches of sabzeh (wheat or lentil sprouts that grow up to be grass) I made this past Norooz as part of a fun experiment to unearth (pun initially not intended then totally intended) the easiest most efficient way to grow sabzeh. And by jove, I did find it. A cheerful pictorial-tutorial DIY sabzeh-growing-bonanza posted at Fig & Quince.

What is Fig & Quince you ask? Why, it’s my new raison d’etre.  I blog. Therefore, I am.

Digressing here from the main point that:  grass is green,  green is apropos since Earth Day 2012 is around the corner, growing sabzeh is  a cheerfully optimistic process, and it will do a soul and body good to do so and watch seeds sprout and grow up and they won’t even have any horrible teenage period.

So if you’re in a good or green mood and feel like undertaking a tactile sensual easy project, do check out the post.

2 thoughts on “For Mama Earth!

  1. You did? Cool! Hope you threw it away for 13 bedar. You know, I think I prefer wheat to be honest, its seedling sprouts so delicately yet is grows so darn straight and proud!

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